I am so excited that you are here and have stumbled to my page.

I'm Christine, a high energy entrepreneur, mama of three and married to my husband for over two decades. 

My purpose, is to teach women how to build a brand using their personal story. Whether you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur or not, I truly believe our story, our experiences can help others and it how we can create a bigger impact in this world. I support women in gaining clarity on their goals, gain confidence and teach women how to live a life loving what you want to do.  

At the age of nineteen I became a mother and I devoted my entire 20's working in corporate. By the age of twenty four I graduated college with my B.S. in Accounting and two children. I immediately went to work in corporate to follow my dream as an accountant. But while working in an office for many years I felt this emptiness inside of me and need of guidance to wanting to explore more to life that just a cubicle. One of the things I lacked at the time was confidence in myself and a feeling of purpose. I wanted to provide a better life for my family and it is when I decided to explore personal development. 

In 2015, I decided to document my journey in building self confidence. Just by posting on social media of my journey of finding self love I decided to begin a community called "CEO of My Curves" which is now Body Positive community teaching young girls & women the importance of embracing their body.

By building this community I immediately realized that so many other women struggled just like me to find a sense of purpose, clarity and confidence in themselves. Since them I decided to take all the lessons I have learned to teach women how to live a life loving what they do and sharing their gift to this world. 

In 2020, I launched my first children's book called "Rosalia, the Honduran American" it has been such a success in sharing my story of being Honduran American to the world. 

If you are here for some motivation, to get inspired or would love to chat with me, I am here for it! :)