Have you ever thought of... 

  • how can you make time to go after your goals & dreams while working full time or raising a family? 
  • become an aspiring author, entrepreneur but lack clarity & guidance? 
  • How can you put yourself first while also taking care of others?  
  • Wanting to do more things that excites you? 
  • how you can build confidence & mindset to have the courage to go after what you want? 
  • doing things your way and stop following all the rules? 
  • Upgrade your personal growth as an entrepreneur? 
  • hiring a life coach but find it to be over your budget? 

If you answered "YES" to all these questions you are in the right place. 

 Mujeres Inner Circle is life coaching with a mix of professional development to support & give you the tools you need to shift your mindset, build your confidence, make empowering moves and show you don't have to wait for anyone to make things happen.  

Im Ready

Now more than ever... 

is the perfect moment as women to choose yourself. We can no longer wait for things to happen you must make it happen. 

It is time you take your power and use your voice, your gifts, your skills and share it with the world. It is time you work on building yourself, mindset, confidence and no longer wait for opportunities to happen

Each month the Mujeres Inner Circle will provide the tools and coaching to Empower & Elevate your mind, your confidence to living your best life.  

Created by Christine Osoria

Empowerment & Business Coach, Mom of 3, Wife, Author & Latina. Christine believes all women should have the successful tools for personal growth. 

After attending hundreds of events for personal development she immediately realized that many women couldn't attend these events due to family, work & lack of funds. Women desired to make a change but personal growth wasn't available or they weren't aware of what is available.  Mujeres Inner Circle is a membership program which you will access right in your home & it is affordable to help you grow your mindset, build your confidence and go after the life you deserve. 

It is open to women in different areas of your life such as mom, entrepreneurs, working woman, women of all different backgrounds. 

I'm ready

What will you receive? 


Live Masterclass each month: 

You will have access to two calls which you will be coached by Christine Osoria. Each month will be focus on a different topic. One call will gear towards personal growth, second call will gear towards professional & business development. 

Mini Workbook: 

Each month you will receive a theme included with a mini workbook to support you with the tools to reach your goals each month. Access will be available the beginning of the month. 

Guest speakers: 

Special guest speakers of different expertise will be invited to share to knowledge & tools of success with you.  

Private Facebook: 

Hang out over at the private Mujeres Inner Circle Facebook page. Where you can network with all the women in the community. 


Celebration of Mujeres:

Surprise events will be announced to celebrate all Mujeres in the community.