Rosalia - The Honduran American. 

Is a story of a young girl who struggles to understand why her classmates have not heard of a country name Honduras. After being assigned a cultural class project, she felt alone and ashamed to share with peers where she is from. Will Rosalia take the stand to share with her class who she is?


¿Quién es Rosalía? Es una historia de una niña que intenta comprender por qué sus compañeros de clase no habían oído el del país llamado Honduras. Después de que le asignan un proyecto cultural en clase, ella se sintió sola y avergonzada de compartir de donde viene con sus compañeros. ¿Tendrá el valor Rosalía de compartir quién es con sus compañeros de clase?


Available in English & Spanish 


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The Made for Now Project is a 12 Week Business Coaching program. We teach women how to build a personal brand & profitable business using their personal story. 

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"" Where do I start?.... I met Christine Osoria when she reached out to my center Joyful Self. I was attracted to her amazing energy and the message and mission she has for the women of our community. Together we have collaborattred on personal development workshops and i have learned so much from her unique experience. wE learn best when we listen to all of our stories! Women of all ages are drawn into her loving and fun personality which creates a safe place to discuss some tough issues about body image & self esteem. She is, also, so willing to hep others on their path and I have benefited greatly from her excellent advice as a life coach" - Cristy Joy (Entreprenur & Life Coach)"


""I first met chrisitne at a women's organization as it's always been her passion to give back to communities that are underserved. I attended one of ceo of My curves events for self love/ self care and I left feeling inspired to be a woman to love myself and to honor who god created me to be. it's good to see women lifting one another.  Christine is such a genuine soul. She advocates for women and creates spaces for self love, self care, life coaching women to become their best selves. I am so appreciative to have a life coach that empowers women to rise above their trial and tribulations"  - Mitzi "


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